September 30, 2009

white stripes

(vintage stripped....)

I am not exactly sure what I would call this article of clothing that I am wearing. I picked it up at a consignment shop (Elizabeth's). It's not a poncho, or a wrap. It's actually very interesting, it has no tag, I'm pretty sure it's handmade. It is the most conformable and versatile piece of clothing I own.

Today was yet again cold and rainy. Went to Northern Light Espresso Bar after a full day of school to get some work done. Currently reading The Crucible for American Literature, such a great play. I decided to broaden by horizons from the usually chai, so to my delight I ordered Cafe Au Lait (after endless times of failed pronunciation) which ended up being delicious: coffee and steamed milk. I usually drink my coffee black, but surprisingly steamed milk has a much better taste than regular milk. Eh?

p.s this is insanely ridiculous


  1. That blouse is insane!! love it!

    One Love,

  2. I like how it can't be put into any particular category, so really you could say it's multi functional beacuse it's not quite a poncho but not quite a wrap .. . . . it's both! It looks great and original.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Beautiful photos..I love the slouchyness of the blouse.

  4. amazing!! And totally unique, great find!

    cool blog!

    We'll be back, come follow us
    Love TBAG <3 xx

  5. I agree! Its an awesome cover-up! I love stripes. I just can't help it! Isn't funny how branching out in the coffee world, even if it is just adding steamed milk, can make your day feel that much more alive?

    Great entry!

  6. such a great find! entirely unique and such a cool shape.

  7. Gorgeous black and white photographs! I think I need to branch out with my coffee too. I've been ordering a white chocolate mocha for the last year. x