September 29, 2009

(target tee, vintage switch key on chain, vintage blazer)

I have finally hopped on the 'shoulder pad' bandwagon, as has everyone else since Balmain's debut. I found this blazer while thrifting, knowing that most people probably kept walking after realizing that the shoulder pads were underneath the lining and incapable of being easily ripped out. I usually find shoulder pads everywhere on the floor of the Salvation Army dressing rooms. It is still cold and rainy in Scranton, yes like The Office. It's making me want to finally bring out all of my sweaters. Maybe I should do a few posts of my favorite sweaters? Any thoughts?


  1. Shoulderpads look fab on ya babe!

    One Love,

  2. Yes, you should! (do a post on your favourite sweaters). If you do, I will, too, and include my moth eaten pale blue cashmere cardigan, a present from my husband.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I'm adding you to mine. And please do come back, put your two cents in as often as you'd like ; )