August 7, 2010


secondhand beaded vest

small shoes/small thrift store/small purchases/small car/small band/small show

May 11, 2010


(express shorts, hand made t-shirt, vintage sweater, vintage boots not shown)

I can't believe I have neglected this blog for so long! I have been soo busy attempting to finish school and finally start summer! I was so teased by the 80 degree weather that plummeted to low 60's this week. So, I'm going to try my best to go back to my regular blogging schedule. And I'm not going to add myself to the list of other bloggers and put up Mark's Ksubi shots, but isn't that collection AMAZING.

I have finally started bringing out my shorts for the summer. I never really liked these shorts because they are a tad big and make my butt look nonexistent, but once I rolled them and popped out the pockets.... ta da!

April 15, 2010

Shop Fólktime!

I just started the blog, Shop Folktime, where you can purchase clothes of mine
and also many of my vintage finds! I am selling clothing and accessories of varying
color, style, price, and size.

So check it out! I am adding tons of new items everyday and have over 40 items that
I am prepared to sell. Questions? E-mail me at


April 12, 2010

kick down the treble

I somehow wrapped this old necklace around me and this is how it ended up!
I'm wearing an old Hanes tee that I cut up into a tank top and an Urban Outfitters
cardigan. Apparently it was on sale because it ran up $12 cheaper. I love when things
like that happen....

p.s Looks like i'll be moving to Boston in September! Any Bostonian readers?

April 5, 2010


(H&M bra)

Today's purchase. I basically stole this from H&M because it was only $9.
Since I have been drooling over this, I am ecstatic I found one for nearly a tenth of
the price. I can't wait to wear it under everything!

March 24, 2010


(UO jeans and tank, second hand sweater, vintage and self made chains)

I have so many chains and necklaces that are so meaningful to me, that usually I just end up throwing them all on together. I have my vintage switch key and two rings put on a chain. My favorite might be my tribal silver necklace that was my grandmothers.

I wore this out today to a coffee shop followed by endless walking and driving, by night I really needed a jacket. I'm in denial it's still cold..

I have been thinking about doing a q&a from most of the e-mails I've been receiving, any suggestions?

p.s Katie: listening to Crazy Pritty Baby (Heavy Trash) and Boarded Doors (The Morning Benders)

March 10, 2010


(vintage dress, my mothers vest and necklace)

62 degrees in March? Crazy. Crazy. I want shorts, and tank tops, and flip flops, flowy dresses, and jean jackets when its cold.. high socks, and high grass. I love layering for fall and maybe even spring, but tights under leggings under jeans for winter is way too much layering.

It has been so warm here and I have been dying to wear this dress, I borrowed this beautiful necklace from my mother and tied it. I love the last picture, it reminds me of a painting..

wasson & wang

always beautiful

(the cobrasnake)

March 1, 2010


(DIY shredded thrifted shirt)

We got two inches of snow! I actually got stuck in maryland and couldn't come home until sunday, so sorry for the lack of posts! I actually shredded this shirt last weekend 20 minutes before I walked out the door for a show, I really wanted it and somehow completed it in the most ridiculously short of time... and I never ended up wearing it! Well, at least I can add this to the rest of the shredded pile..

p.s Natalie has an awesome blog!