March 24, 2010


(UO jeans and tank, second hand sweater, vintage and self made chains)

I have so many chains and necklaces that are so meaningful to me, that usually I just end up throwing them all on together. I have my vintage switch key and two rings put on a chain. My favorite might be my tribal silver necklace that was my grandmothers.

I wore this out today to a coffee shop followed by endless walking and driving, by night I really needed a jacket. I'm in denial it's still cold..

I have been thinking about doing a q&a from most of the e-mails I've been receiving, any suggestions?

p.s Katie: listening to Crazy Pritty Baby (Heavy Trash) and Boarded Doors (The Morning Benders)


  1. I'm loving your necklaces and very cool that they are all made up of things you love. Best kind of jewelry (-:

  2. yeeah neckace just stand out!