January 20, 2010


(vintage sweater and leather shorts, UO top)

If I actually went out the door like this I would have frozen my ass off. I originally had thick tights under these shorts and my big jacket. This dark and cold weather has been making me want to stay in bed all day long everyday. Sometimes cold is an understatement. It's the kind of cold that you don't want to go anywhere because you don't want to have to run in and out of the car and then wait for it to warm up.

I am ecstatic that I have taken four mid-terms and I now only have two to go. Although, not including my art mid-term which is friday.

I got this sweater at the Salvation Army a few years ago and who knows how long the person had it before me and I actually gasped when I picked it up today and found some holes in the back... clothes age... unfortunately. I will just have to be extra careful. I can't wait until I can wear these leather shorts in the summer without tights, since I only got them a few months ago, I haven't gotten to wear them tight-less!

p.s i love urban outfitters new spring catalog, especially this, this and these!


  1. love the sweater.


  2. awesome vintage sweater..lucky of you finding it at a salvation army :)

    eclectic du jour

  3. leather shorts are great!
    i need to try some with black tights too...

  4. The pattern on that sweater is great!