December 16, 2009

feathered houses

(UO tights and sweater, vintage shoes, VTO studded skirt)

"I would probably stop reading, if you couldn't read, or I would read to you great works or works of my own thoughts. It's troubling, some say, the thought of not having that escape, but if you have the surroundings of those that can read to you, you will finish with ease. So please, don't push away the reader. I'm told then, only blind men will come."

p.s dear urban outfitters, i would love this and this.


  1. Ah i just found a whole bunch of my old Polaroids today, they are so great at capturing the moment. I love yours, especially with that mask it looks so dreamy!

  2. Love your outfit, it's so vintage and stunning.

    With love,

  3. Thanks for stopping by - following you too (-: