November 18, 2009


(no label shirt, UO tights, vintage leather shorts and boots)

I was asleep this evening, but was abruptly woken and have not been able to get back to sleep, so I'm getting a head start on my outfit post from today. Im sitting in my kitchen and I love it and its raining and the sound is amazing...

When I found these boots at the Sally last week, one was originally a lone soldier until i scoured the ENTIRE store looking for the other one and eventually found it under the shoe rack. I was not planning on leaving without these boots. I saw them and my mind screamed TOP SHOP WEDGES.
Although they are quite different (no peep toe etc.) i was so gravitated on owning these, they are surprisingly easy to walk in but hysterically make my 5'8" self look like a giant.

weekend, enjoy.


  1. Great outfit. Love the stripes and leopard print. Simple and gorgeous.


  2. love those shoes, they are AMAZING.

  3. This outfit is INCREDIBLE. Love the mixup and mismatch you have going on. Stripes and leather have been a favorite for us too... but the leopard along for the ride makes it even better.

    xxx lots of love from San Francisco.

    Amy and Alex

  4. pretty boots / outfit in general! I really enjoy your posts, I'll definitely be coming back!

  5. leather and stripes are a good combiantion!i like your boots!

  6. haha funny shoes! i like them

  7. I just LOVE stripes and I just LOVE this outfit!

  8. stripes and leopard. It really cant get better. Those are some amazing unique looking shoes. I´v never seen anything like it... well the Topshop leopard wedges of course.. but this is beyond cool.x