October 5, 2009

(target jeans, urban tank, vintage jacket and scarf)

I have been so tired today, but wanted to make a quick entry before I took a nap. I'm not really sure where the dark area on the left of my photos is from, camera malfunction, or the lighting?

I've been living in these target pants since I got them Friday, I suggest everyone get a pair. I'm glad it's finally fall so I can wear my collection of beautiful scarves, and my blazer that has been collecting dust balls. I think I need to do some skimming of my closet..

Oh, and I just had the most delicious organic apple juice, quality apple juice is so worth it eh?


  1. hello! i like your looks. it's great. and scaves are my passion :)
    i will follow u i think.

  2. You're beautiful, and the scarf totally completes the outfit.